Combified - One Feed is all you need


One Feed is all you need

Have you ever wondered why you need to visit so many different sites just to get the updates you're interested in?
We believe this should be easy and strive to offer a combined feed that shows and organizes all the services you use.
No annoying A.I. trying to find out what you want. Only the content you choose to add.
We already support popular services like YouTube and Twitter.

Combified is free
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It is time to make a change!

Don't waist your valuable time hunting from service to service only to get a handful of posts that are really important to you.

With Combified you can mange all you followings, create groups, hide post you don't like and bookmark the ones you love.

Below are some key features of Combified, showing how we can simplify your Social Media life.

Combine your Feeds

Combified gets all the updates in a combined feed.

Easy to use and customizable to your needs.

Don't leave a trace

Get updates even without following anyone on their social media profiles.

You even don't have to be registered.

Bookmark, Hide and Share

Hide unwanted posts, bookmark the ones you like and share your feed with your friends.

You have full control over what and when you want to watch certain content.

Create Groups

Wether you want to group your "News", "Videos" or your lovely "Memes".

With Combified you can create groups to your liking and filter accordingly.

Add Tags

Ever wanted to find a post from a while back?

Now you can tag posts to filter for them any time.

How does Combified work?

Why explain when you can experience a Combified Feed for yourself.

Combified is free
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